Iran Visa on Arrival

Type 1: Travelers from some countries can have their visa to Iran and do the process completely at airport on arrival. This is the most urgent visa that is valid for all nationalities except for (Americans, British, Canadians and Indians)

Type 2: tourists can have a visa tracking code (an approval to enter Iran) in a PDF file, and then collect their visa at airport.

The nationality that can get such a visa are:


A   Albania Azerbaijan Austria  Australia Armenia
B   Bahrain Bulgaria  Brunei Brazil Bosnia Belgium  Belarus
C China  Cyprus Cuba Croatia
D Denmark Hungary
H Herzegovina
F Finland  France
G Georgia  Greece Germany
I Indonesia Italy  Ireland
J Japan   Kyrgyzstan   Kuwait
K Kazakhstan  Luxembourg
L Lebanon
M Malaysia  Mongolia Mexico
N Netherlands   Norway    North Korea   New Zealand
O Oman
P Palestine Portugal Philippines  Peru Poland
Q Qatar
R Romania  Russian
S Saudi Arabia Switzerland Sweden South Korea  Slovenia Spain Slovak (Rep.) Singapore